Therapeutic dentistry and endodontics

Elimination of caries, diagnosis and treatment of tooth canals. The use of high-quality materials makes it possible to transfer all the properties of the natural tooth to the one that is treated. Professional teeth whitening.

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Modern medicine in the field of dental dentistry has reached fantastic heights and now can offer many options for qualitative treatment of oral diseases. Each of us knows how important it is to visit the dentist’s office regularly. On-time treatment can prevent the development of complications from carious lesions of the teeth, as well as the diseases that it follows. Unfortunately, many people visit the clinic, when they need a prosthetics specialist, not a dental therapist, so it is very important to monitor the health of the teeth and take appropriate measures. Therapeutic dentistry is the basic section with which any dental appointment is associated, and which prepares the patient for other types of treatment. The main goal of this field is to eliminate carious and non-carious lesions of the teeth. The complex of services in this area can be characterized by the following procedures:

  • diagnostics of teeth;
  • dental filling and root canal treatment;
  • elimination of carious tissue and removal baby teeth;
  • professional cleaning and fluoridation;
  • restoration and whitening.

The section includes two important areas:

  • odontology (diagnosis and tooth filling);
  • endodontics (root canal treatment);

In our clinic, there are many professional doctors with years of experience. Since odontology and endodontics require a different approach, these directions are divided between different specialists.


As everyone knows, almost all tooth diseases are caused by tooth decay, from which is suffering practically the entire population of the planet. Only regular visits (1-2 times a year) to the dentist-therapist make possible to avoid the unpleasant consequences of this disease. Before starting any procedures, our specialists conduct an oral cavity examination and only then, in case of a problem, go to other stages of work. The use of modern and highly sensitive technology gives us the opportunity to identify caries even at an early stage. After removal of carious tissue, we select the material for filling. Our fillings are made only from certified materials that are safe for the patient’s health.


Qualitative treatment of root canals is the key to the successful functioning of teeth. The procedure is carried out in case of a deep damage to the tooth caused by pulpit or others diseases. They lead to damage of the soft tissues of the tooth, causing inflammation of the internal part. Since the soft tissue is covered with nerve endings, pulpitis not only destroys the tooth, but also causes a strong throbbing pain. Another disease is periodontitis, which is characterized by inflammatory processes of the bone tissue of the tooth caused by the untreated pulpit. Progressing of periodontitis can lead to a tooth loss, so it is very important to treat the disease in a timely manner. The most frequent problem of therapeutic treatment is the re-treatment of the root canal system. When absolute sealing is not achieved during the procedure, it can cause inflammatory processes in the root canal system, which will bring strong pain and can lead to a chronic form. Especially dangerous are the cysts of the teeth in the treatment of which, conducting of the surgical intervention can be a big mistake. The cyst is a neoplasm on the top of the tooth root, the formation of which is connected with the presence of infection due to untreated caries or, as mentioned above, poor sealing of the tooth canal. A few years ago, the only way to get rid of the disease was to remove the tooth itself. Our clinic offers patients more reliable solution to the problem. Modern surgical stomatology allows gently to remove the cyst and save the life of the tooth. We provide qualitative obturation, remove all necrotic masses from the root canal system and provide absolute sealing of the root – the absence of any conditions for the existence of flora in the canals, as a result the cyst closes during 6-8 months by itself. The essential component of the procedure – the equipment that allows our specialists to increase the quality of the root canals treatment, maximize the preservation of intact tissues and reliably conduct microscopic and complex surgical operations. Stages of endodontic treatment

  • patients run through dental examination, which is conducted with the help of special equipment. If the endodontic treatment happens for the first time, we additionally use a diagnostic radiograph;
  • doctors diagnose, collect all the necessary information about the patient (the presence of allergies to the components of materials) and select the appropriate method of treatment;
  • we use the required type of anesthesia on operated teeth. The painlessness of the procedure makes possible not only to do the work qualitatively, but also to conduct it with comfort;
  • teeth are isolated from saliva and comply with all rules of asepsis and antiseptics;
  • the carious and the root canal is treated with medicinal agents;
  • the tooth is sealed, polished and the quality of the work is checked.

To protect the health of patients, our doctors individually choose the methods of endodontic treatment for each client. The clinic uses advanced techniques and the most modern dental equipment, which helps to achieve a remarkable result, regardless of the complexity of the procedure.