Prophylaxis and periodontics

Doctors of our clinic provide recommendations for the proper care of the oral cavity, the observance of which will preserve the health of teeth and gums. A professional cleaning is carried out for the removal of tartar.

Proper oral care

A captivating snow-white smile is not only a part of the image, but also an indicator of good health. Good oral hygiene is the main part of healthy teeth. On-time visits to the dentist and regular compliance with all hygiene rules will ensure a perfect smile to old age. We have such a service as teeth prosthetics. To avoid many diseases, especially tooth decay and periodontitis, exactly of these diseases most people suffer, it is important to carry out the proper cleaning of teeth. A daily oral care kit should consist of:

  • toothbrush. Brushing your teeth should be done 2 times a day for 2 minutes. The brush should have the required hardness and convenient size. While choosing a hygiene tool, take into account that soft bristles are used for sensitive teeth and gums, as well as for children, bristles of high rigidity are good for absolutely healthy teeth and prosthesis. Very popular are toothbrushes of moderate hardness. Also, you can choose a regular or electric option;
  • dental floss. Such a device should be used on daily basis. It is important because the teeth are not cleaned completely. The floss allows to process the interdental space completely. It can be made from natural and synthetic materials, treated with special substances for disinfection and facilitating sliding. Dental floss may exist in different shapes: round – for wide dental spaces, flat is created for small gaps, volumetric – increases when interacting with a wet environment, tape – for careful cleaning of a wide interdental space;
  • high-quality toothpaste. Products are divided into two types: preventive and hygienic. The first type of pastes contains active additives, medicinal extracts, and plant infusions, helps to reduce the risk of caries and other diseases of teeth and gums. The second type has purifying properties and refreshing menthol taste;
  • mouthwash and tongue cleaner. After each meal, you should rinse your mouth with a special remedy or at least water.

Professional oral hygiene is an important part of a set of procedures aimed to improve the health of teeth and prevent the disease. And also, this is where any treatment process starts, except for situations when an urgent intervention is required. The main enemy of teeth is the plaque that is located under the gum, we do not see it, but it will create great problems in the future. Unfortunately, even the most careful execution of all the previous stages does not always help to clean your teeth well. Professional cleaning is carried out by removing calculus and soft plaque from the surface of the teeth and under the gums. It is necessary to go through the procedure every six months. People, who are prone to the rapid formation of calculus better to come every 3-4 months. Indications for professional hygiene:

  • incorrectly selected brush stiffness
  • poor hygiene of teeth
  • too little amount of solid food in the diet
  • dentition defects
  • smoking

Our specialists have practiced in the best clinics in the world, they know all the details of the implementation of preventive measures. In case you have any tooth disease, before any procedure, we perform professional cleaning, determine the periodontist status and only then we diagnose and solve all the problems. We conduct dental hygiene and oral procedure using the most modern medical equipment and high-quality products. In the process, all calculus and pigmented plaque are removed, the teeth are polished with a special medicinal paste and covered with a lacquer, which contains a fluorine to prevent sensitivity. To remove under and over dental plaque can be used two techniques – mechanical and hardware. The essence of the first is that it allows to get a better result in hard to reach places, but there is a drawback – this way can injure an enamel. Dental deposits are scraped off with a special tool. Most often, in severe cases, a combination of the first and second methods is used. Hardware cleaning of teeth is divided into two types:

  • Ultrasonic. With the help of a scaler is created an ultrasonic wave, which destroys the dental calculus and plaque. The method gives an opportunity to clean the surface of the teeth and subgingival space. In a case of necessity, the procedure can be carried out using of painkillers. After, as a rule, is applied an additional cleaning using air flow method.
  • Air flow. At the moment this technology is considered the best. Sandblasting the surface helps to prevent damage to a tooth enamel, clean the teeth thoroughly and even bleach them a little. The liquid consists of water and an abrasive agent (sodium bicarbonate). The method is completely painless.

After cleansing, the teeth are polished with different products. This helps to achieve the incredible smoothness of teeth and prevents the rapid formation of plaque. The process is completed by coating the fluorine-containing agent. Neglect of professional cleaning of teeth can lead to the development of such diseases as stomatitis, pulpitis, periodontitis, caries, gingivitis and other diseases of the oral cavity. Treatment of progressive stages of the disease is often much more expensive than proper compliance with the rules of hygiene and professional cleaning in the dentist’s office. Take care of the health of your teeth, come to the “Aesthetic dentistry studio”. Our attentive specialists will provide you with professional advice and high-quality treatment at any stage of the disease. We do not spare money for modern equipment and the best materials. The results of our work will please you for many years.