Surgical dentistry and implantation

Installation of the best dental implant systems – Nobel Biocare and Straumann. Effective treatment of fractures of the dentoalveolar system. Our surgeons have an extensive experience in maxillofacial sungery.

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Everyone dreams to keep their teeth until old age, but due to some circumstances, you have to say goodbye to them before its time. Sometimes such unpleasant news from the treating doctor can be confusing, but do not panic and be afraid. Very often the term “surgical dentistry” is associated with the removal of teeth, in fact, the main task of our specialists is to do everything possible to preserve and prolong the life of your teeth, and only in extreme cases fall back on removal. Surgical dentistry – a field that involves the treatment of inflammatory processes of any kind. With the development of modern technology, this industry has moved far ahead and can offer not only different options for tooth removal but also several ways to save their lives and fully restore the beauty of a smile. There are a number of dental operations, that allow you to save your teeth. Some of them are performed on multi-rooted teeth, when only one of the roots is cut in the process, and the rest are taken its pressure. Others suggest a complete or partial removal of the root cyst. Tooth removal is carried out only when there is no possibility to preserve or qualitatively treat your own teeth, as well as its abnormal position (the most common case – wisdom teeth). Our dental surgeons, who have great experience in maxillofacial therapy, conduct the procedure as carefully as possible without possible consequences. Anesthetics in dentistry is very important for us. We always use a local anesthetic during surgical removal of teeth, but in some cases, the general anesthetic can be additionally applied intravenously. For suturing we use high-quality materials that dissolve independently in the mouth. The installation of dental implants is the second most requested service after tooth removal and the only correct method of prosthetics. The procedure requires a doctor of high skill and a clear understanding of the patient’s health status and his lifestyle. The specialist on the highest level should know the anatomy and structure of the dentoalveolar system, act according to the protocol. Implants provide an opportunity to recreate missing teeth completely, prevent atrophy of the jawbone and save correct proportions of the face. You will be free to talk and smile without feeling any discomfort. Dental implants can be used to replace one, several or all of the teeth. In addition, due to the fact, dental implants are integrated into the bone structure, they are very stable and may have the appearance of your own teeth. Dental implants have an undeniable advantage over the bridge prosthetics – the teeth are not overloaded by other structures, the missing tooth can be replaced without affecting or modifying the adjacent ones. With proper care, they may serve for a very long time. Detailed information about an oral care can be provided by our periodontist. The installation of dental implants does not cause any pain and consequences during the recovery period. Many procedures are performed in a state of medical sleep, in order to provide maximum comfort both to the patient and the operator. The clinic was installed more than 10 thousand of dental implants. We use only a high-quality implant system from the world brand Nobel Biocare, which has been studying and manufacturing such products for more than 40 years. Also, we often use an alternative implant system, such as Straumann. We draw a great attention to the quality, it is very important to use the materials which are time-proved, have scientifically documented base for over 30 – 40 years. The next branch of surgical dentistry – periodontics, deals with problems with the gums, which can not be solved by a conservative method. Surgical periodontology makes possible to change the shape and structure of the gum, the level of its attachment. This is especially important in case of a recession of the gum, the treatment should be carried out immediately. In most cases, the average or severe form of the disease requires surgical treatment that helps: to restore bone tissue and the shape of the gums, to remove gingival pockets and inflammatory processes. A big advantage of our clinic lies in the fact, that we conduct effective treatment of fractures of the dentoalveolar system. Depending on the form of damage, there may be fractures of the dentin, the root of the tooth or enamel. Before the beginning of the surgical procedure, we perform an X-ray examination. The future treatment plan and prognosis depends on the amount of tooth damage. With a slight crack of the tooth, a restoration procedure is performed with the help of composite filling materials. Severe fractures of the root require the removal of the tooth since, in this case, the root cannot be used as a support for the pin. After removal, you will be offered the type of replacement of the natural tooth – prosthetics or implantation. Our clinic can offer you a variety of treatment options!