Aesthetic Dentistry Studio

Сlinic that meets world standards and uses advanced technologies and improved methods of treatment.

All of our doctors are experts, who have a magnificent experience of medical practice, successfully conduct treatment of any complexity.

The use of modern equipment allows us to diagnose diseases at the early stage. We will help you to obtain a beautiful smile that will please you for many years.

Painless dental treatment

The aesthetic dentistry studio is a modern clinic that provides professional services for treatment of teeth and gums. Our patients are people of different ages, we treat both children and adults according to the most modern methods. The clinic is constantly developing, and the number of specialists is growing. We all pay great attention not only to the aesthetic side of dentistry, but also take into consideration other medical aspects, since essentially dentistry is a branch of medicine. The clinic is organized and operates under the complete guidance of the chief doctor, the medical staff has one goal and idea, strictly follow the clinical protocols of treatment. Doctors of the clinic have a narrow specialization. Each branch of dentistry is attached to a separate specialist, this allows to pay close attention to details and perfect the skills in a specific direction. Time does not stand still, and in the field of dental medicine, improved methods of treatment are constantly showing up. We are following the new improvements and successfully use them in our work. All specialists are supervised by the chief doctor, who is responsible for all dental treatment from start to end. Our doctors have a higher medical education and a huge work experience in their field. They are always ready to provide qualified assistance and give advice to every patient. We guarantee a high-quality work based on European protocols and standards. In our clinic, experience and innovation are maximally supplemented by diagnostic capabilities. The modern equipment allows expanding the range of procedures, helps to examine the patient completely and successfully perform even the most complicated surgeries. The treatment of teeth is carried out with maximum comfort, all irritating factors are excluded. There is no smell of medicines in the office, that so many children do not love. The bright light of the lamps is no longer burning the eyes, and now it is so convenient to lie on the portable dental chair. The modern medical equipment works with minimal noise, it does not irritate or cause a headache. The clinic uses only certified materials that have been tested for many years. The use of high-quality modern equipment plays an important role in dentistry. Diagnostic equipment makes possible to identify the true nature of pathology. New radiology systems are completely safe. Tomographic examination allows the medical staff to see the 3D image of the maxillary apparatus and to examine in detail the cause of the disease. Vacuum systems greatly facilitate the work of dentists and ensure high reliability and accuracy of the provided services. For the manufacture of implants and prostheses, we use modern technology for dental laboratories, since in this field a good result depends not only on the quality of the materials, but also on the accuracy of the restoration elements. All one-time tools are used only once. The reusable instrumentation after each procedure is sterilized in a strict order. The systems of preliminary sterilization satisfy the highest requirements. The risk of infection of the patient is completely excluded. Our clinic is one of the few that has licensed anesthesiology, and it is provided in a full format. We have an oxygenator, cardiac monitors, a defibrillator and other necessary devices. The aesthetic dentistry studio provides a wide range of services:

  • therapeutic dentistry and endodontics;
  • surgical dentistry and implantation;
  • hygiene and prevention;
  • prosthetics;
  • orthodontics;
  • anesthesiology;

The entire medical process is clearly organized to details. Before each procedure the medical staff carefully analyzes all the information received from the anamnesis, computed tomography and consultation with an anesthesiologist. Treatment is tailored to each patient individually. Specialization of the clinic is also a children’s stomatology. It is very important to understand the difference between dental treatment for children and treatment for adults. Such dentistry is considered as a separate area, which should take into account all the subtleties of the treatment of child’s body. The advantage of this industry lies in the fact that the procedure runs without pain and blood. Doctors working in this field not only have high professional skills, but also they are good psychologists, which makes it easy to find contact with children. Unlike dentistry for adults, in this area, other medicines, materials and instruments are used. For treatment of children’s teeth, we use a special silent laser instead of a drill. Local anesthesia is performed by using lidocaine spray. It is very important to run the procedure as easy as possible for the children psychologically. The absence of anxiety and pain will help to visit easily the dental office in the future. This practice has already been used for a long time in the developed countries of the world. Your child will come out from our clinic in a positive mood and with a healthy teeth. High-quality of dental services can be achieved only when all parts work as a single mechanism, namely, the skills and experience of doctors, qualitative materials, modern equipment, an individual approach to each client, and great attention to the smallest details. These are things that we are ready to offer you in our dental clinic. Take care of the health of your teeth and sign up for an appointment with our specialists!